Prayer Warriors

Don’t let your reality rob you of the revelation of His truth. You are free. With Jesus, you are complete. With God, you can accomplish anything. Stay focused and encouraged. We love, stand in agreement and are always praying for you!


God is within herShe will not failGod will help her at break of day.png

Have you ever felt like you were a failure at life? Have you ever made a mistake that you just couldn't get over? Have you ever just felt down about making a wrong decision? Let me be the first to raise my hand. I can honestly say that I have gotten over those moments now but when I felt this way I thought that I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like I would make mistake after mistake, bad decision after bad decision and then, it just went all wrong. BUT! I serve a God who believes in rerouting. Think about a gps and when you start going the wrong way, the gps will probably tell you to turn around; but if you keep going down that road, the gps will ultimately give you an alternative route to get to your destination.


Let’s say that God is speaking to you with His small still voice and you can't hear Him due to being deeply in love with someone, enjoying your freedom without restrictions, caught up in the hustle and love of money, lust for worldly things, addiction to a drug, love for food, etc. Whatever it may be, it’s a blinding distraction. Yet, you don't see it as a distraction at first. So you continue to enjoy life, feeding your flesh or maybe you are just doing what you think is right for that moment. Then, one day you wake up and realize, one decision led to another and none were made out of your best judgement. Therefore, you become so far gone that is seems as though God is shouting to get your attention to show you that He cares for you. This can be relaid in messages that confirm His word through conversations with family and friends, billboards, songs, the silence of nature, etc. However it may come, trust that God will get His point across to you and when He does, it is sweeter than honey. He will still give you  a chance even if you went 15 miles down the wrong way.


His word says, “She will not fall” insert your name where it says she. You can't fall nor fail when you have God on your side. Regardless of what it looks like you have to believe that He knows what is best for you. We see our lives in parts, meaning, we are in a current state, but God sees us in full. He knows our beginning and our ending. He has this thing all figured out. Anytime you feel like you are not making the right choices or maybe you don't even know what decision to make, remember HE is with you and in every step that you take, know that He is taking them with you.


 Heavenly Father, we come to you as only we know how, with humble and honest hearts, asking for forgiveness in every area of our lives. Forgiveness for taking the routes that you deemed wrong and believing them to be right. Forgiveness for not turning around once you instructed and drawing ourselves further and further away from you and your will. Lead us Lord, so that we may follow your command. Move us Lord by the power of your right hand, from where we are to where we should be. Thank you Lord for always meeting us where we are, for being a patient and merciful God. Let us not become complacent in our daily lives but rather to continually thirst for you. Give us confidence in the alternate route we must take and allow us to find healing as we remain steadfast on your word and will for our lives. Thank you Lord for providing us with another chance to live out your purpose in our lives. May we always be connected to your voice and become not only hearers but doers of your word. You are within us Lord, therefore we shall never fail and since you are with us, there is no need to feel ashamed, guilty nor weak for needing more than one attempt to get it right. You are a “Do It Again” kind of God and just as you have done it so many times before.. in our lives, in our families’ lives, in our community and church, we believe and know that you can and will do it again for us in the season. Overflow in us from the inside out Lord and continue to lead us forward in your will and your way to brighter days. In your sweet and merciful name we pray, Amen!

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, God’s going to do it, help is on the way!