Prayer Warriors

Don’t let your reality rob you of the revelation of His truth. You are free. With Jesus, you are complete. With God, you can accomplish anything. Stay focused and encouraged. We love, stand in agreement and are always praying for you!

Don't Stop, Keep Going!


Galatians 6:9

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

This scripture should be tattooed on our lips forever. Often times, it feels like we live in a microwave generation, where we expect everything to be presented to us like fast food. We want everything quick and in a hurry. However, when we look at our bible, we see words like patience, perseverance, and reaping a harvest at the proper time. All of those words basically mean WAIT. There is another scripture that talks about when the king of Israel hits the ground 3 times and stops but God wanted him to hit the ground more (2 Kings 3:17-20). We CAN’T stop when we get tired.


For example, going to the gym by ourselves verses going to the gym with a trainer or workout partner. When we go by ourselves, we do some cardio, lift some weights, maybe an ab workout and then we are beat. Sometimes, we may not push ourselves beyond our limits or skip a few reps, as we do not have someone to keep us accountable. In contrast, when we have workout partners and/or trainers with us, we tend to go harder and not want to give up. We think we can only do 10 pushups by ourselves but our trainer tells us to dig deeper and knockout 10 more. Our workout partner might shout, “You can do it!” That encouragement allows us to build confidence in ourselves and trust in our own strength.  The end result is you feeling like you gained 2 pounds of muscle or on track to shed a few pounds by the end of the week. Once you keep working out with your workout partner "at the proper time" you gain the results you once hoped for.

This is the same thing with God. He tells you to dig deeper, not to give up, keep going, He pushes you beyond your limits because He loves you and He has already seen your end results. He wants you to see it also. Therefore we can't give up during the stretching process, we can't get tired and quit, we must work this out so that we can reap our harvest. 

Challenge yourself to start a weekly goal that includes: reading your bible, praying or worshipping. You can start by allowing yourself to be open, submitted and willing to obey the will of God in your life. Trust, just like going to the gym everyday and putting the work in, if we do the same with Jesus (by praying, reading, worshipping, obeying) we will get the results we are praying for.


Thank you Jesus for your patience with us. There are many times we don't get it right on the first try but I thank you for being a God of second, third, fourth chances. Thank you for your mercy. I pray that as each and everyone of us goes through our time of waiting, that we don't get weary in good doing. I pray that as your word says what we start we will finish. I pray you give us a supernatural focus to walk out the things in life that you have called us to. Give us supernatural strength and courage to reap the harvest that you have promised for all of your children. Let us not be consumed with getting things quick but remind us that you make all things perfect, in your perfect time. Our bible tells us they that wait on the Lord, shall be renewed in strength, so God help us to trust you in this process and don't stop when we get tired. Let us call upon your name because you are our strong tower and our strength. We can't do anything without you and we don't want too. We thank you for teaching us and building our character. We love you in Jesus name, Amen.