Prayer Warriors

Don’t let your reality rob you of the revelation of His truth. You are free. With Jesus, you are complete. With God, you can accomplish anything. Stay focused and encouraged. We love, stand in agreement and are always praying for you!


God is within herShe will not failGod will help her at break of day.png

Have you ever felt like you were a failure at life? Have you ever made a mistake that you just couldn't get over? Have you ever just felt down about making a wrong decision? Let me be the first to raise my hand. I can honestly say that I have gotten over those moments now but when I felt this way I thought that I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like I would make mistake after mistake, bad decision after bad decision and then, it just went all wrong. BUT! I serve a God who believes in rerouting. Think about a gps and when you start going the wrong way, the gps will probably tell you to turn around; but if you keep going down that road, the gps will ultimately give you an alternative route to get to your destination.


Let’s say that God is speaking to you with His small still voice and you can't hear Him due to being deeply in love with someone, enjoying your freedom without restrictions, caught up in the hustle and love of money, lust for worldly things, addiction to a drug, love for food, etc. Whatever it may be, it’s a blinding distraction. Yet, you don't see it as a distraction at first. So you continue to enjoy life, feeding your flesh or maybe you are just doing what you think is right for that moment. Then, one day you wake up and realize, one decision led to another and none were made out of your best judgement. Therefore, you become so far gone that is seems as though God is shouting to get your attention to show you that He cares for you. This can be relaid in messages that confirm His word through conversations with family and friends, billboards, songs, the silence of nature, etc. However it may come, trust that God will get His point across to you and when He does, it is sweeter than honey. He will still give you  a chance even if you went 15 miles down the wrong way.


His word says, “She will not fall” insert your name where it says she. You can't fall nor fail when you have God on your side. Regardless of what it looks like you have to believe that He knows what is best for you. We see our lives in parts, meaning, we are in a current state, but God sees us in full. He knows our beginning and our ending. He has this thing all figured out. Anytime you feel like you are not making the right choices or maybe you don't even know what decision to make, remember HE is with you and in every step that you take, know that He is taking them with you.


 Heavenly Father, we come to you as only we know how, with humble and honest hearts, asking for forgiveness in every area of our lives. Forgiveness for taking the routes that you deemed wrong and believing them to be right. Forgiveness for not turning around once you instructed and drawing ourselves further and further away from you and your will. Lead us Lord, so that we may follow your command. Move us Lord by the power of your right hand, from where we are to where we should be. Thank you Lord for always meeting us where we are, for being a patient and merciful God. Let us not become complacent in our daily lives but rather to continually thirst for you. Give us confidence in the alternate route we must take and allow us to find healing as we remain steadfast on your word and will for our lives. Thank you Lord for providing us with another chance to live out your purpose in our lives. May we always be connected to your voice and become not only hearers but doers of your word. You are within us Lord, therefore we shall never fail and since you are with us, there is no need to feel ashamed, guilty nor weak for needing more than one attempt to get it right. You are a “Do It Again” kind of God and just as you have done it so many times before.. in our lives, in our families’ lives, in our community and church, we believe and know that you can and will do it again for us in the season. Overflow in us from the inside out Lord and continue to lead us forward in your will and your way to brighter days. In your sweet and merciful name we pray, Amen!

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, God’s going to do it, help is on the way!


Patterns of the Enemy

1 John 2:16

"For everything in the world -the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life - comes not from the father but from the world."

I heard a pastor once say, "the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are the patterns of the enemy." You may have heard people say that the enemy has no new tricks. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and he does it the same way maybe just with different people. For example, let’s take the first one the lust of the flesh. If we go back to the story of when Jesus was walking the earth and he was in the wilderness, satan tried to tempt him because he knew that Jesus was hungry. (Matthew 4:1-11) Jesus was tempted in the bible, each time he responded to satan, he replied with the word of God.

When I think about the second point, the lust of the eyes, I think about not being so desperate for something that you lose yourself. Our eyes can get so big at times, we want what others have and we would do just about anything to get them. Once we become so desperate for it, we no longer are in alignment with what God has planned for us….and trust me, His plan sets us up for the long run.

Then, there’s the pride of life. I want to be successful. I want a great career, family, accolades and nothing is wrong with that but let’s make sure we check our hearts to see why we want them. Is it for us and only our benefit or do we really want to glorify God? We have to reflect back on God's promises to defeat the enemy and to cancel out the lies. When you read a promise, meditate on it because we shouldn't be so desperate over something that is already ours to begin with.

In chapter 4 of Matthew, the word says the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by satan. So we know the patterns of the enemy will come, but what will be our response? Will we bow down to him and crumble? Or, will we remember the God that we serve and realize that the enemy has already been defeated?

Whatever it is that you may be struggling with, examine and admit it is a struggle. I am a firm believer of speaking against things so that it will lose its power. I will be honest I have a challenging time turning down free food and I admit that often. Lately, I have been praying for a healthier lifestyle and asking God to take the desire to get seconds or thirds away because I'm overeating and I know it. This may seem minute but it is a huge issue for me. What issues are you dealing with that you can't seem to say no to when it comes to your flesh? Try fasting and feeding your body with the word so that you can depend on God and not things.

Let Us Pray

Father God I thank you for who you are. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with your children. Thank you for being the perfect example of how we should not play with the enemy but put him in his place by fighting him with your word. Thank you for your word Father, that gets us through daily battles and teaches us how to navigate life. I pray that you shake up everything that can be shaken in our lives so that we can stand on you our solid rock and foundation. I pray for a hunger like never before to crave your word. Let that be the only way we know how to fight by giving your word back to you in tempting situations. I rebuke all attacks from the enemy right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Father come in and take control. Give us strength and courage to turn away from things that we crave, that aren't pleasing in your sight. We die to flesh and we starve it from the things of this world. Thank you for your grace and your mercy that gets us through each day because we may not get it right on our first try. I thank you for being there, encouraging us to keep trying and helping us as we put our trust in you. We love you and we thank you for breaking bad habits on this day. In Jesus name, Amen.


Don't Stop, Keep Going!


Galatians 6:9

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

This scripture should be tattooed on our lips forever. Often times, it feels like we live in a microwave generation, where we expect everything to be presented to us like fast food. We want everything quick and in a hurry. However, when we look at our bible, we see words like patience, perseverance, and reaping a harvest at the proper time. All of those words basically mean WAIT. There is another scripture that talks about when the king of Israel hits the ground 3 times and stops but God wanted him to hit the ground more (2 Kings 3:17-20). We CAN’T stop when we get tired.


For example, going to the gym by ourselves verses going to the gym with a trainer or workout partner. When we go by ourselves, we do some cardio, lift some weights, maybe an ab workout and then we are beat. Sometimes, we may not push ourselves beyond our limits or skip a few reps, as we do not have someone to keep us accountable. In contrast, when we have workout partners and/or trainers with us, we tend to go harder and not want to give up. We think we can only do 10 pushups by ourselves but our trainer tells us to dig deeper and knockout 10 more. Our workout partner might shout, “You can do it!” That encouragement allows us to build confidence in ourselves and trust in our own strength.  The end result is you feeling like you gained 2 pounds of muscle or on track to shed a few pounds by the end of the week. Once you keep working out with your workout partner "at the proper time" you gain the results you once hoped for.

This is the same thing with God. He tells you to dig deeper, not to give up, keep going, He pushes you beyond your limits because He loves you and He has already seen your end results. He wants you to see it also. Therefore we can't give up during the stretching process, we can't get tired and quit, we must work this out so that we can reap our harvest. 

Challenge yourself to start a weekly goal that includes: reading your bible, praying or worshipping. You can start by allowing yourself to be open, submitted and willing to obey the will of God in your life. Trust, just like going to the gym everyday and putting the work in, if we do the same with Jesus (by praying, reading, worshipping, obeying) we will get the results we are praying for.


Thank you Jesus for your patience with us. There are many times we don't get it right on the first try but I thank you for being a God of second, third, fourth chances. Thank you for your mercy. I pray that as each and everyone of us goes through our time of waiting, that we don't get weary in good doing. I pray that as your word says what we start we will finish. I pray you give us a supernatural focus to walk out the things in life that you have called us to. Give us supernatural strength and courage to reap the harvest that you have promised for all of your children. Let us not be consumed with getting things quick but remind us that you make all things perfect, in your perfect time. Our bible tells us they that wait on the Lord, shall be renewed in strength, so God help us to trust you in this process and don't stop when we get tired. Let us call upon your name because you are our strong tower and our strength. We can't do anything without you and we don't want too. We thank you for teaching us and building our character. We love you in Jesus name, Amen.

How Do We Treat Loyalty

Isaiah 25:1


Did you know that the God we serve is a loyal God?


How do you treat a friend who is loyal to you? Do you spend more time with them? Do you hold them tighter and love on them more because loyalty is rare? We tend to want to hold onto those who are loyal and faithful to us. But, how loyal are we to God? 

He is loyal to us even when we are not loyal to ourselves. He wants us to depend on Him each and every moment of our life. This scripture caught my eye because it says, "In His perfect faithfulness, He has done wonderful things." God has a plan for us, but are you exalting and praising His name before it happens?


"When praises go up, blessings come down."

“Are we sending the praises up?” I have learned that praise can shift your entire atmosphere but you have to set the atmosphere. Think of all the times God has been faithful in your life. Think about all of your needs and wants that He has taken care of. Think about it, these are things that He planned long ago, knowing you would need it before you were born. Our God is faithful.

Challenge yourself to shift your atmosphere to an atmosphere of praise and exalt God's name every chance that you get. Praise Him before you get the blessing and after. Never stop praising Him.

Let Us Pray

Father we bless your holy and righteous name. We exalt you for who you are. We glorify your name because your name is the name of all names. We thank you for knowing our situation and already having a game plan. We thank you for the friends that you have removed from our lives who served as distractions. We thank you for removing things out of our way that could harm us. We thank you holy spirit for leading us in the right direction and guiding our decisions. We take this time out not to ask for anything but to praise you for what you have already done. Let us rest in your promises and let our confidence rest in your faithfulness. Help our belief so that we know in our minds that if you did it before then you can do it again and you can do it bigger and better than you did the first time. Give us a desire to get lost in worship with you. Let us crave your spirit and your will for our lives. We lay down our will and we pick up yours saying God we want it your way. We love you, we bless you and we thank you for being God.

In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.


Building from the Inside


Romans 5:3-5

"Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us."


Life can be so hard. One minute you feel as though you have all the answers and the next minute you don't even know how you got to that point.

When reading this scripture, think about how God has a process that he wants to take us through to get all the things that we desire. Think about it. We have a water cycle, a rock cycle, the food chain cycle and we have a cycle in life also. Our cycle builds the very thing that His word was talking about. Our cycle builds our perseverance, character, and hope.


God will also put you in those moments to show you that He wants to trust you with the things you are asking, but you must also pass that test. He looks at our insides (the heart) so we can't fake the funk with Him.

I challenge you to think about how God wants to change your insides and for you to focus on coming out the fire with perseverance, character and hope. And once you do that, prepare in the process because He will release what’s yours.

God wants to build our insides so that when we get the blessing that’s too big for us to receive, our insides will be strong enough to carry it.

The bible tells us that there will be trials that we will have to face as a child of the Most High but we must think about how much greater we will become after the storm. He doesn't want to put us to shame. He wants us to know that we are so much stronger than we think we are. When you were/are in school there is so much information that they teach you. However, teachers will test you on the information to see how much you know about the information they have been feeding you.


Let Us Pray

Father God, I thank you for how you have shaped us and molded us into the person you saw us fit to be. I pray that you continue to do a work on our insides that build us up higher than we could ever imagine. I pray against anything that tries to belittle our thoughts and anything that makes us feel guilty or carry shame. For we know that you are not in that but you are all about restoring us and healing us from the inside out. I pray over our minds so that when things come up against us we can see your victory and trust that we will be better than when we started. Your word tells us that what you start in us you will complete. So I thank you for caring about us so much that even when we see ourselves struggling you give us perseverance, character and hope to see ourselves at the finish line. I thank you for choosing us to work Your Wonders in our life for the world to see as a testament to Your Glory, Power and Authority. We love you and we bless your Holy Name. In Jesus name we pray.